Sharing the Beauty of China: Traditional Chinese Medicine Language English knowledge is priceless and no border 375 in Books from Office School Supplies

Sharing the Beauty of China: Traditional Chinese Medicine Language English knowledge is priceless and no border 375 in Books from Office School Supplies

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A Story about a TCM-Doctor and a King

Bian Que, a very famous doctor, came to see the king of Qi Kingdom .Standing in front of the king advised, “Your majesty, there is something wrong beneath your skins. If it is not cured, I’m afraid it will get worsened. ” The king refused, “I am absolutely fit and healthy.” Without further ado, Bian bowed himself out. Then, the king grumbled, “Doctors are always enjoying curing those who have no diseases, from which they could seek merits.” 
Ten days rolled by before the doctor Bian paid a second visit to the king and said, “Your majesty, there is something wrong in the musle. If it is not cured, I’m afraid it will become worsened.” The king refused again and turned his back on him, unhappy. Bian had nothing but to bow himself out. Another ten days passed by before he paid a third visit, and said to the king, “Your majesty, now the disease comes to your intestines and stomach. If it is not cured, I’m afraid it will be very hard to cure it. ” Once again, he encountered king's ignoring and unpleasure. 
Another ten days flew away before the doctor ran away when he saw the king, who felt extremely surprised and sent a soldier to inquire him. Bian Que explained, “When the disease is beneath the skins, it can be cured by hot compress of medicines. When it slips in the musles, it can be healed by acupuncture. When it comes to the intestines and stomach, it can be treated with hot drug soups. Now the disease has come to king’s marrow which is at the hands of God, and there is nothing I can do. ” Five days strode by before the king felt pains all through his body, and sent for Bian Que, who had run away to another kingdom. Thus, the king tragically passed away.
Story about a TCM-Doctor and USA President : 
1972,  the President Nixon of the United States visited China, He asked Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger to watch a operation in a hospital- resection of the right upper lobe of lung under acupuncture anesthesia, Three days later a documentary film of the acupuncture anesthesia has caused a great sensation in the world, Many foreign scholars began to study and research traditional Chinese medicine in China. In the 1980s, during the reign of Deng Xiaoping, China adopted reform and opening policy, a large number of tourists come to China. In order to  promote the Traditional Chinese medicine, provide good medical services to foreign guests, Entrusted by the Chinese government, There are many universities and hospitals in China, which provide the traditional Chinese medicine science subject for International Students
The Story about Yin and Yang of Traditional Chinese Medicine
In Chinese Medicine, we talk a lot about Yin and Yang. The theory of Yin and Yang can be traced back to the ancient Chinese philosophical system called Taoism. What do Yin and Yang refer to? Do you know? They refer to collections of opposing qualities. For example, Yang qualities are things like full sunlight, strength and power, rising up, things which create heat and dryness and masculinity. All of these are categorized as Yang. 
Yin qualities, on other hand, are things like darkest night, weakness, sinking down, things which are cold, dark, humid, but I don’t dare add the next quality for fear of offending the ladies present. These are all categorized as Yin. Yin and Yang must be equal and maintain a balance or else the world will no longer be harmonious. Chinese medicine adopted this theory and then refined it for use in understanding the body and the world around us. 
For example, in China there is a fruit called litchi; I think many people here have tried it. The fruit is sweet and delicious but you can’t eat too much of it, as it is quite Yang in quality. If you eat too much of it, you may become dizzy, your face may break out in pimples or in more serious cases it can cause nosebleeds. So what can you do to prevent this? 
Easy enough! Eat watermelon, pears or grapes at the same time as you eat litchi fruit. You won’t get any of the symptoms I just described. 
Another example, many people like to eat shrimp and crabs, but after they eat them, their stomachs feel distended or painful and some people even get diarrhea. The reason for this is that most seafood is very Yin in nature and there is now too much Yin in the stomach. This situation is not commonly seen in China, though, because Chinese cooks add ginger when they cook shrimp and crabs. Although the amount of ginger added is quite small, its Yang qualities help to balance out the Yin qualities of the shrimp and crab, and so you don’t have any digestive discomfort when you eat them. 
In Traditional Chinese Medicine all the organs of the body are divided into Yin and Yang aspects. Let’s take the Kidney as an example. If Kidney Yang is deficient, a number of symptoms can manifest, for example many people with this problem feel tired and their legs are weak. Old people go to bathroom more often and males may become impotent or have enlarged prostates. 
All of these can be traced back to a deficiency of Kidney Yang. If Kidney Yin is deficient, however, a different set of symptoms can arise. 
For example many patients might feel excessively hot especially late in the day and at night to the point where they actually sweat. Some people are always thirsty or they may have a quick temper. All of these are manifestations of Yin deficiency.
 It is our responsibility as doctors of Chinese Medicine to diagnose the problem and then supplement deficiencies of Yin or Yang or to reduce excesses of Yin or Yang. If the Yin and Yang of the body is balanced, then the body will be in harmony and you will be healthy. This is the basic theory of TCM.
These are over 2800 herbs used in Chinese medicine and they are all divided into hot, warm, cool or cold. They also divided by the 5 dominant flavors, sour, bitter, sweet, acrid and salty. Each flavor has a different effect on the body, 
for example acrid herbs scatter energy and move the Qi and the blood. They are mostly used for releasing exterior conditions like peppermint or treating Qi and Blood stasis like magnolia tree bark. 
Sweet flavors supplement, harmonize and slow. Think of how many women like to eat chocolate before their period.
Sour flavors constrict and fix and are often used to stop sweating and diarrhea. To get an idea imagine eating a lemon.Bitter flavors drain and dry and act to clear. An example of this is senna, which moves the bowels. Salty flavors soften hardness, disperse accumulations, and drain downwards. They are used to treat masses and accumulations.
An example of this is seaweed, which is often included in formulas used to treat cancer.

Book Brief Introdution:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a great and valuable treasure built by the Chinese nation through long-term production and practice. Aiming to cure diseases and suffering, TCM focuses on the harmony between people and nature, forges its theoretical framework and forms unique diagnosis and treatment methodologies based on ancient philosophical concepts.What are the causes and effects of the brilliant TCM? How does TCM recognize the human body? What about the major theories and thinking? What are the details of herbal treatments and acupuncture and moxibustion therapies? This book will usher readers into profound TCM with simple words.



Foreword Evolution of Ancient TCM A Brief Introduction to TCM and Chinese Traditional Culture Spread of Ancient Medical Classics Skills and Virtues of Ancient Doctors Selections from Ancient TCM Basic TCM Theories The Foundation Works of TCM – Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine Sun, Moon and Yin , Yang – Yin -yang Theory of TCM Starting with Five-colored Soil – Five-Elements of TCM From the Theory that Man Is an Integral Part of Nature– The Holistic View of TCM Essence, Qi and Shen (Spirit) of Chinese People Blood and Body Fluids TCM on the Five Internal Organs (Viscera) Why Do We Get Sick Diagnostic Methods of the Traditional Chinese Medicine: Observation, Auscultation and Olfaction, Inquiry, and Pulse Examination Syndrome Differentiation for Determining Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats Disease by Preventing Illness before It Begins Knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine Origin of Traditional Chinese Medicine Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine Processing Natures and Flavors of Traditional Chinese Medicine The Forms of Traditional Chinese Drugs The Combination of Medicine Increasingly Developed TCM in History Acupuncture, Moxibustion and External Treatment Channels, Network Vessels and AcupointsAcupuncture and Moxa-moxibustion Multiple Methods to Treat Internal Illness by External Treatment TCM Theories about Health Cultivation Balance and Health Emotions and Diseases Homology of Medicine and Food Nourishing the Body with Five Grains Health Maintenance in the Four Seasons Moderate Movements and Rest Development of TCM in Modern Times Debate on TCM and Western Medicine in Modern Times Trial for Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Exploration for Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Modern TCM Education and Legacy Characteristics of Modern TCM Diagnosis and Treatment Overview of Medicine of Ethnic Groups 



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a great and valuable treasure built by the Han people and other ethnic groups through long-term production and practice based on the experiences of their predecessors. Aiming to cure diseases and suffering, TCM focuses on the harmony between people and nature and forges its theoretical framework and forms unique diagnosis and treatment methodologies based on ancient philosophical concepts.TCM emphasizes the close ties between man and society, possesses native dialectic thoughts, stresses the unity of heaven and man and values holism. The most important concepts, such as Chi, Yinyang and Wuxing (five elements) depict the unique understanding of the ancient Chinese of the functions of the human body, including the complete understanding of the interrelationship and interactions among the visceras (Zang and Fu) in the human body. TCM features understanding of both nature and human beings. With understanding of nature, medical resources are refined from plants, animals and minerals, becoming basic means to treat diseases. With understanding of human beings, TCM may identify pathogenesis, clarify functions of the visceras, make analysis and diagnosis based on discomforts and then treat them with herbs and theories of the Prescriptions of Herbs. 


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